3 Shocking Ways Glenn Beck Opposes The Tea Party

Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck & the Tea Party are in full throttle now after the 8/28 “restoring honor” rally captained by Glenn Beck, and most political pundits are calling the event a “message to  the democrats” about having to run a tighter ship if they want to stay in power after November.

However, according to some in the Tea Party movement, Glenn Beck surprisingly is diametrically opposed to their core beliefs on several critical issues that most Tea Party supporters may not realize.

Glenn Beck Belief # 1: The Banker Bailout was a necessary thing and in fact, we should have even given them more money and power as a result of the financial crisis (that some say they caused).

The Tea Party movement is opposed to the government intervention in business and believes in truly free markets (not big business and big government working together). They believe strongly in “Main Street” and NOT Wall Street as a means to develop a sound local business that supports the community and everyone in it.

Glenn Beck Belief # 2: Preemptive, illegal wars are necessary and should be implemented whenever we see fit (AKA “the Bush doctrine”).

The Tea Party movement believes in strong national defense at our borders while at the same time having a responsible fiscal policy which means we simply cannot afford to meddle in the Middle East or other countries throughout the world in an attempt to promote our empire and way of life internationally. The Tea Party believes by developing a strong national defense at our borders that they can create a “utopia” of sorts inside the borders of the USA politically and economically.

Glenn Beck Belief # 3: We should not only pay the bankers through the bailout, we should also pay them a “VAT tax” that is applied across the board in all stages of production from start to finish in the USA so as to support them even further.

Tea Party supporters actually believe in the end of government created debt through the nationalization/elimination of the FED, which would effectively dissolve any need to pay interest on money we can issue ourselves debt free. While this concept may seem confusing to some, it has a long history in our government and now at this critical time with such mounting debt, it is becoming more of a political hot potato given the situation.

Recently Tea Party folks promoted this film regarding the national debt on their wikipedia page:

The Secret of Oz Film

Because Glenn Beck opposes the true grass roots party on these issues, many have accused him of trying to “co opt” the movement for the Republican party. At yesterday’s 8/28 rally, Tea Party supporter Geoff Green said “Glenn Beck is like venom- 95% of him is fine but 5% of what he says is poisonous and deadly.”

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