Abby Elliot Dating Armisen

Abby Elliot Dating ArmisenSeems Fred Armisen has switched his attention to another young lady. This time it is the actress and comedian, Abby Elliott.

Armisen has already separated from Mad Men star Elisabeth Moss and is dating Abby Elliott now, as was reported on Saturday Night Live.

As it is known, Moss is 28 and Elliott is 23. If too look at them, they even look quite a bit similar.

It seems Fred, 43, has a special knack of attracting young beautiful ladies many years his junior.

As was reported, the new couple is getting to know each other in a romantic way and taking things slowly.

According to Armisen, two beloved are just enjoying being with each other and spending time together.

According to Life & Style, Fred Armisten broke up with Moss after 10 months since they got married.

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