Alex Jones: The Tea Party Has Been Hijacked

tea party flag "dont tread on me"

Tea Party Flag

Libertarian radio broadcast personality has a message for the Tea Party:

You’ve been hijacked and you don’t even know it.

This weekend’s “restoring honor” rally, led by Glenn Beck, has been in the news and generally hailed as a success by most tea party supporters.

Not so fast, says Alex Jones. According to the very successful and highly passionate libertarian Texas native.

“I don’t want to criticize Glenn Beck” said Jones on a previous radio broadcast of his when talking about the Fox news anchor. “But he is a Benedict Arnold. He gains your trust by virtue of 90% of what he says which is good, and then stabs you in the back with the other 10%.”

According to Jones, a good example of this is Glenn Beck’s support for the banker bailout, his support for a VAT tax to pay “down” the national debt (i.e. the private federal reserve) and his consistent beating of the war drum, especially for preemptive strikes in Iran.

None of these ideals are shared by the majority of Tea Party supporters, according to Jones.

So why are Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin leading the way with the Tea Party and how are they falling for it? “This is a classic co-opt” says Jones, referring to a strategy politicians employ when wanting to control a herd of people back into their control and direction. “Tell them what they want to hear, gain their trust, and then on the real critical issues to the controlling elite, stab the people in the back.”

If Alex Jones is right, the Tea Party has a lot to more to ponder and potentially a lot less to celebrate.

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