Amy Winehouse Has Been Cheated On For Months

Amy WinehouseAmy Winehouse’s new boyfriend Reg Traviss has been ‘cheating on her for months’ – according to his ex-girlfriend.

Burlesque dancer Raven, who was pictured holding hands with Wino’s beau last week claims that she has been sleeping with Reg behind Amy’s back since they began their four-month relationship.

Raven claimed: “I’ve spent pretty much every day with him. I’m surprised we haven’t been spotted together before.”

“When Amy and Reg were first pictured together, he called to warn me.”

She added: “He said Amy had grabbed his hand as they left a restaurant, but they were just friends.”

Raven claims to have ditched Traviss when she found out he was dating the ‘Back To Black’ singer, but took him back when Reg hassled her.

Raven claimed: “He told me that he loved me, that he only wanted to be with me, have babies and get married.”

“I believed him. He told me he had stopped talking to Amy. I was still in love with him so I agreed to give our relationship another go.”

The burlesque dancer is said to have parted ways with Traviss for good after pictures of Reg and Amy emerged in the press last week.

Meanwhile, Winehouse has reportedly asked ‘The Libertines’ singer Pete Doherty to move into her spare room when her new pad in Camden is refurbished.

An insider said: “Amy has offered Pete a place to stay while he’s in London. She thinks a lot of him and they’ve been through a lot together.”

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