Anna Nicole Smith’s Boyfriend Provided Her With Drugs

Two doctors who treated Anna Nicole a few months before her death and her boyfriend go on trial being illegally conspired to provide her with drugs.

The lead lawyer for Howard K. Stern said that defense team was “pleased” with jury of six men and six women who were sworn in trial. Lawyers predicted the trial in LA Country Superior Court could last up to three months. Potential jurors were asked more than 100 questions. Smith’s boyfriend Stern along with doctors faced 23 felony charges.

Anna Nicole Smith died February, 8, 2007 because of “acute combine drug intoxication” as showed the final examination.

Several jurors were dismissed because of “language problems”, expressing their opinions suggesting they had already concluded guilt in the case. One juror was described as “dull”.

Judge Perry ruled at the end of a 13-day preliminary hearing last fall that there was probable cause to try Stern and the two doctors for involvement in an alleged conspiracy to provide drugs to a known addict. “Evidence in the record strongly suggests she was an addict,” he said.

Prosecution witnesses outlined evidence that the doctors wrote many prescriptions using several names, including Stern’s, for drugs intended for Smith.Prosecutors argued that Stern used the false names to get double doses of dangerous drugs to feed the addiction of the former Playboy model and reality TV star as well.

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