Bilderberg Films

bilderberger filmsIt was just 10-15 years years ago that when you talked about the Bilderberger group that you were considered a “tin foil” hat wearing conspiracy theorist. Oh my, have times changed!

For those of you who are not aware, the Bilderberg group is a highly secretive organization of business and political leaders throughout the world that meet once a year under high security.

Among the topics discussed are world politics and commerce, with such issues as the upcoming war in Iran, oil prices and more. The committee was started in 1954 in the Netherlands by royalty and various political leaders and now serves as the main planning ground for the elite to make their plans for the world.

Amongst Bilderberg films, Alex Jones has made several films which document the evil plans of this highly secretive group, the most famous being “Endgame” and “The Obama Deception”.

In the Obama Deception, which was made before Obama even took office, predicted that Obama would turn on a lot of his campaign promises (see: Ending the Patriot Act, Ending the Iraq War, Having more transparency in the White House, etc). The Bilderberger meetings were displayed in heavily in the film, where it was shown Obama & Hillary had a secret meeting in 2008 during the weekend of the Bilderberg meetings in Virginia.

There, it was reported by insiders that Obama, NOT Hillary, would be the Democratic nominee for President in 2008 and Hillary would accept a position in the administration.

Of course, at the time, what was reported by insiders at the Bilderberger convention seemed like nonsense, but it all proved to be true at a later point. If you want additional information on the Bilderberg group, we recommend Alex Jones’ “Endgame” and “The Obama Deception”.

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