Bloggers in Philadelphia Will Pay Taxes

TaxesThere is a bit of a dust-up in Philadelphia over the so-called “Blog Tax”.

The City of Philadelphia is charging some of them a $300 lifetime “business privilege” tax. The city’s position is that many of the bloggers accept advertising revenue and are in effect operating a business within the city limits.

“How can they do this,” the bloggers shriek. “This is a violation of free speech! It’s an outrage!”

So in Philadelphia, if blogger puts a Google AdSense on his “catswhoscrapbook” blog, and rake in $0.50 over the course of a year, he or she will have to pay up, winding up with a net profit of -$299.50.

“Personally, I don’t think it’s a business…it might be someday if I start selling coffee mugs, key chains or locks of my hair to my fans. I don’t think blogs should be taxed unless they are making an immense profit.” – says the man behind the music blog Circle of Fits, quoted in the Philadelphia City Paper.

Supporters say bloggers have no reason to complain—freelance writers are being hit too.

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