Boxer VS Fiorina

Boxer Fiorina

Senator Barbara Boxer and Republican Challenger Carly Fiorina faced off Wednesday night in what could be their first and only debate.  Both came out with opposite statements and points of view, and   didn’t stop until the final bell rang.

The candidates presented a stark choice for California voters because they differ on nearly every issue of significance.  Shaking hands was as nice as it got during their one hour debate at St. Mary’s College.

Boxer pounded away at Fiorina’s time as CEO at Hewlett Packard.  Boxer criticized Fiorina for shipping 30-thousand jobs overseas before being let go as CEO.

She said: “Fiorina fights not for average Americans, but for billionaires, millionaires and companies that outsource jobs.”

Fiorina opposed that it was unfair for Boxer to use the company, a Silicon Valley icon against her.

Boxer responded that it was Fiorina was running on her record at HP.

Viewers in the Bay Area also got to ask questions of the candidates. One person from Oakland wanted to know why Senator Boxer keeps running for office. Boxer responded, “I’m in the United States Senate because I fight for the people, I fight for the dream.”

Fiorina countered that Boxer has only passed four bills as a Senator. She said one of the bills was to name a courthouse.

Poll numbers put Boxer ahead of Fiorina but only by a slim 3-point-5 average according to a calculation by

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