C Span To Broadcast 8/28 Rally Live

C Span

cspan 8/28 rally

Unless you’ve been living in a cocoon for the last few days, you’ve probably heard about Glenn Beck’s “restoring honor” demonstration on 8/28 and how it will send the Tea Party’s message to Washington D.C.

If you cannot make the rally, no worries, as C-Span will be covering the entire thing from start to finish so you can see exactly what you missed.

There are a lot of tea party leaders who will attend, among them Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin. Although the Tea Party claims to be independent of party affiliation, one has to wonder if this just sounds like a republican rally for trying to overtake the house and senate in November.

On the other hand, the Tea Party organization is for the Constitution and Bill of Rights, which is something all Americans should cherish as it is the freedoms given to us that have allowed the country to become the greatest in the world.

One thing is clear, C-Span will televise the entire event on it’s channel and you’ll be able to decide. So if you cannot make the 8/28 rally, simply sit back, pop on C-Span and let us know your thoughts!

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