Cheryl’s Patience with Cher Stretching Thin

Cheryl ColeCheryl Cole is reportedly losing patience with her ‘X Factor’ hopeful Cher Lloyd.

The ‘Girls Aloud’ singer – who chose the 17-year-old contestant for her final three despite coming down with tonsillitis and failing to complete her audition – is said to be regretting her decision due to Cher’s poor attitude.

Last year’s ‘X Factor’ winner Joe McElderry – who performed his new single ‘Ambitions’ on the ITV1 programme last weekend – reportedly told pals he was shocked by Cher’s behaviour towards her mentor backstage at the weekend.

A source told the Daily Star newspaper: “Joe was stunned by it all. He was in Cheryl’s dressing room when Cher barged in. She was in a right strop. Joe said he couldn’t believe how this girl talked to Cheryl and the lack of respect.”

Cher has admitted to throwing a tantrum before Saturday’s broadcast because she wasn’t happy with the clothes show stylists had chosen for her to wear.

But Cheryl tried to smooth things over, telling her: “You’re only wearing it for half an hour. Smile! If you don’t the viewers will know you’re unhappy and you’ll be gone.”

However, Cher insisted on putting together her own outfit and borrowed a pair of her mentor’s shoes.

She added to X Magazine: “I had a bit of a meltdown earlier in the week. But I just couldn’t go on stage in something I felt uncomfortable in. It’s a good thing Louis isn’t my mentor or I’d have been wearing his shoes on TV.”

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