Child Molesters

The National Center for Victims of Crime announced their statistics on sexual assaults against children. The results show that comparing to previous decades it has significantly risen. Children’s kidnapping by family acquaintances increased to 27%, and from strangers – to 24%.

But the most horrible thing in this whole situation is that more than 90% of sex offenders are never sentenced. And the reason is that their victims are kids within their own circles, usually family members. And these children are pressured with shame and guilt which stop them to go to police.

There is no a distinct character of a child molester. Some are violent, others – passive, some are charming and others lacking in social skills.

According to data given by Dr. Sharon K. Araji, who is a professor of sociology and researched the demography up until 2000, around 90% of sexual abusers are male and have been married. Among the molesters, the average age is 32-34 and they came from all socioeconomic, racial and ethnic groups. More often their victims are children who know them or that who are trusting or have lack of supervision.

The offender uses different approaches to reach the target, starting with bribery and gifts and finishing with threats and intimidation. Some of them even kill children to satisfy their desires as it is part of the pleasure as well.

The motives of their actions are very different too. But for most of them it is all about control. But they all seek for different type of victims.

There are four basic types of child molester: regressed (usually a one-time offender who feels inadequate), naive (an offender who does view their act in terms of right and wrong),  fixated (offenders stuck in adolescence who claim to “love” children) and mysopeds (offenders who seek to hurt someone.)

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