Craigslist Censored By US Government

CraigslistThe Feds finally got their way today, when Craigslist removed the “adult services” section entirely from their website, posting a “censored” sign in black where the old adult services section used to be.

Since 2008, the US Government has been trying, in many ways, to target Craigslist and that section for removal from its website. The company has battled valiantly that it is a freedom of speech issue and that they were allowed, under their first amendment rights, to exercise this freedom.

Many “escorts” were using Craigslist as a means to find new clients in the adult services category, and many religious groups as well as the general public protested the existence of this category.

It appears as if Craigslist has decided to no longer fight this fight and take down the section, albeit begrudgingly, for the time being. No word if and when Craigslist plans on reviving the much maligned and controversial category and we’ll have to see how this plays out in the months ahead.

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