D&G 20th Menswear Anniversary

When you hear the words “la dolce vita”, your mind chooses for imagination one of the most beautiful and popular among shopaholics country – Italy. No one can represent Italian style better than Dolce &Gabbana. The duo themselves associate their brand with an Italian, passionate, honest and “tailored” one. Now they have as a background one the world’s most distinctive fashion houses and a big list of A-class celebrities who give their preference to well-known D&G.

Stefano and Domenico find their inspiration in southern Italian culture & cinema history as they say.

Recently Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana celebrated the 20th anniversary ofttheir  men’s-wear line by arranging a dashing show which took place in one of the fashion capitals – Milan.  Also there was represented an exhibition. For the show they chose Milan’s city hall, Palazzo Marino. Outside, in the beautiful Piazza dellaScala, four massive multi-media cubes featured slide shows of the men’s-wear line and the city, as well as a sneak-peek video of an exhibition in the Palazzo about Dolce &Gabbana’s history and plans for the future.

A big list of “high rank” celebrities were happy to visit one of the most glamorous shows of the year. The designers entertained some particularly notable friends and guests, including Academy Award winners Juliette Binoche and Morgan Freeman. Also Matthew McConaughey, Camilla Alves, Rachel Weisz, Annie Lennox, Chace Crawford, and Eva Herzigovaattended as well.

But the first fashion show organized by the great masters could not seem so sparkly & eye-catching for nowadays critics of fashion industry. They produced the first womens’wear Dolce &Gabbana show alone. It was organized in a small studio attached with sheet which was too short & beneath it people’s feet were visible. That’s how they started.

But now we can see one of the top designer duo which hopefully will conquer the world of fashion for the next few decades.

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