Dina Lohan: My Daughter Is Fine!

Dina Lohan, participating in the “Today” show, has been answering question to Matt Lauer about her 24-year-old daughter Lindsay who has gone from a jail sentence to court-ordered rehab.

Dina did not reveal much of anything but a tendency to be severely superfluous.

Things are pretty complicated. Lohan has four children. Her son Michael, who is 22, graduated summa cum laude from Ithaca; Dina has a “criminal stay away” against her ex-husband; and Lindsay’s case has been removed.  And Dina has her own attitude regarding this matter:  the judge played hardball with her daughter.

Among these interesting facts, she also told about what life was like for Lindsay during her being in jail.

“Lindsay was in with alleged murderers and she has become friends with a lot of them. Lindsay’s rolled with the punches and all in all she is doing wonderfully.”

But when “Today” dared to claim that some believe Lindsay has got that she deserved, Dina argued: “That’s because they have been reading too many tabloids.”

“I think that’s all propaganda”, – the 47-year-old mom said. “As you know, you’re in the business of entertainment, and I think a lot of it is pre-orchestrated and you’re reading things that are not based on facts.”

Aside from an interview Dina assured Lauer that her daughter is brilliant and told about some Lindsay’s plans for the nearest future what include her moving back to New York and a little charity work.

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