Dr. Laura and Her “first amendment rights”

Dr. Laura and Her “first amendment rights”

Because of the well-known incident with n-word controversy Dr. Laura will quit right after her contract is up later this year.

However, she claimed she wants to say what’s on her mind, taking back her “first amendment rights”.

Sarah Palin, he former Alaska GOP Gov. quickly backed up the radio advice giver, posting on Tweeter “don’t retreat, reload!”

Dr. Laura used the n-word 11 times in 5 minutes while talking to a black woman who is married to a white man about how his family treats her.  The woman expressed concern over the n-word, and then Dr. Laura went off on her tirade.

Dr. Laura could use more neutral words and be sensitive to the feelings of others, but instead of that she used the most abusive words.

Certainly, the freedom of speech precludes every ounce of human decency, but anyways there is something people should be able to hide behind.