Dr. Laura Gets a Follower

If there is any scandal, like Dr. Laura’s n-words, the Ground Zero mosque – Sarah Palin will be there to comment and get some attention for herself as well.

Palin, the former Alaska GOP Gov., has a reaction to each story of the day, but still complains about the press’s lack of focus, she’s clever enough to use social media to keep her name in the forefront of conversation.

A few days ago she was totally messed up calling feminists “a cackle of rads”, launched a string of pleas for President Obama to clarify his position on the plans to build a mosque near Ground Zero and promoted the Anniversary of women’s suffrage on Facebook.

Now Palin has millions of fans and followers on Facebook and Twitter who take notice and add their thoughts, regardless of the actual, substantial message.

fat burning furnace

Yesterday Sarah Palin defended Dr. Laura Schlessinger, who used n-word on radio 11 times, the woman, who called her incompetent and a bad mother. Real motivations of Palin are not clear, but whether or not her motivations are noble or simply attention-grabbing, America definitely takes notices.

And when Palin gives her “two cents” on the controversy of the day, it pays back in spades.

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