Dr. Laura Uses N-word, Aniston – R-word. People getting crazy.

Dr. Laura Uses N-word, Aniston – R-word. People getting crazy.A week has already passed since two well-known Hollywood celebrities were put on fire using words which influenced and touched the feelings of certain groups.

First was Dr. Laura Schlessinger, who used the n-word 11 times during answering the question of female African American called “Jade” throughout the call. She was attempting to make a point about the use of the word within the black culture but that it was not allowed for people “without melanin” to use it.

The conversation took a tougher position when Dr. Laura said that someone who was easily offended should not get married with a person outside of their race.

After the show Schlessinger announced about her quit after the end of her contract, so that she could use her right to free speech.

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Then, on Thursday, Jennifer Aniston had the guns turned on her when she used the “R” word on Live with Regis and Kelly. Jennifer Aniston said, “I play dress up for a living, like a retard.” Many people are now up in arms about her use of this word saying that she used it in a derogatory manner.

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