Father Urges Lindsay Lohan to Stay in Rehab

“Lindsay will relapse if she is released from rehab early” – her father said.

The actress was admitted to the UCLA Medical Center this month as a part of her sentence for breaching the terms of her 2007 violation order. And now she may not to complete the full 90-day term thinks her father, Michael Lohan. He believes it would be a huge mistake as he believes she is not ready to be released yet.

“My prediction is that Lindsay will get out of rehab early, probably still be on some kind of prescription drugs, she’ll go right back to work and go back to hanging out with the same people and everything will once again fall apart. And this will only have been a band aid.”

Now Michael Lohan is challenging the situation as he is apart from the family. And moreover his ex-wife Dina wants Lindsay to leave the Center earlier, complicating matters.

Recently on an interview he said: “Why does Dina want Lindsay to get out early? That’s just sick. What parent would want that?”

The father of four believes Lindsay will need to spend more time with her parents after release, as it will help her to recover more quickly.

“Lindsay needs family therapy with Dina and me…something that has been recommended by professionals for years but Dina won’t do it. It’s all about money and controlling Lindsay and the kids. Dina and I caused this and WE need to fix it as parents.”

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