Fireworks Killed 13 in China

Today in a fireworks factory in China a massive explosion killed 13 workers.

Around 50 people were in the factory at that time when it exploded. The factory is situated in the city of Yichun in the Heilongjiang province.

A total of 148 were injured in the blast, which could be felt up to two miles away.

There is always a lack of safety at Chinese fireworks plants, and accidents happen quite often. Dozens of people also die each year from unsafe handling of fireworks while celebrating weddings and traditional holidays.

Meanwhile 11 people died when a lift plunged 12 stories in the city of Meihekou in the north-eastern province of Jilin.

Although deadly accidents persist, China has placed an increasing emphasis on improving industrial safety.

Fatalities in the country’s notoriously dangerous coal mines decreased to 2,631 last year, compared with a peak of 6,995 deaths in 2002, according to official figures.

That works out to 7.2 deaths a day in 2009, down from 19.1 a day in 2002.

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