Five US Troops Killed in Afghanistan

US Troops

Five US troops were killed in Afghanistan today.

Four troops were killed by a roadside bomb in eastern Afghanistan, while a fifth died in a battle with insurgents in the country’s south, according to NATO.

The deaths bring this month’s total to 55, still below the figure of 66 for July, it is the biggest lose for US troops in Afghanistan since the 2001 invasion.

Deaths took place primarily in southern and eastern Afghanistan where the Taliban is most deeply entrenched and where fighting has been heaviest.

Those areas are also closest to the mountainous border with Pakistan, where insurgents maintain safe havens and training bases to instruct recruits, including foreign fighters, who are later infiltrated into Afghanistan.

The NATO force swelled this month to more than 140,000 – including 100,000 Americans – with the arrival of the last of the reinforcements that President Barack Obama ordered to Afghanistan in a bid to turn the tide of the nearly nine-year war.

The coalition said today that it killed two insurgents and wounded a third in an airstrike yesterday on a Taliban commander in charge of logistics in Kandahar, including the co-ordination of homemade bomb attacks.

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