Free Medical Treatment For A Day!

free medical treatment for a dayOn Sunday, August 15, free medical care was organized and given by the Mountain of Fire and Miracle Ministers (MFM) in an effort to help the needy.

In just a one day event, the MFM provided medical practitioners to provide diagnosis on eye screening, blood pressure, body mass index and others issues affecting their community.

Dr. Emmanuel Nnolim, who is a member of the hospital and healing ministry, said that the procedure was a means of reaching out not only to members but non-members of MFM as well.

He added that through screening it is possible even to detect drug use and try to treat that as well.

Also there were examinations taken on belly fat where it was shown that cellulite around inner abdominal area provokes a high risk of toxication and can cause a whole host of chronic diseases- even cancer.

The research done on belly fat showed that it promotes increasing of body weight causing heart disease, stroke, diabetes and arthritis amongst many more.

Dr. Nnolim advised members to permanently monitor their health to avoid sickness and diseases.

70 members registered for high blood pressure test, height and weight check while 96 registered for eye screening.

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