Hipmunk Improves the Way of Flights Search

hipmunk improves the way of flights searchHipmunk presents the new improved search for flights. It comes with new approach and advancements which makes search much easier for people. Hipmunk organizes flights on a colorful and easy-to-use interface, enabling browsers assess their choices in real time.

The summer project that concluded in the launch of Hipmunk will lead Adam Goldstein and his good friend Steve Huffman, who is also a Reddit co-founder.

“We spent a disproportionate amount of time on building that interface,” says Goldstein. “Helping users find the right flight in the least amount of time is what informs every decision”, he added.

Hipmunk features make it lead in the competition while exhibiting all flights choices on one display. The names of airlines are color-coded.  This feature empowers users to focus in on their preferred choice. The browsers will then classify by variables such as prices, time of departures, flight durations, and obviously the number of stop over.

One of the negatives Hipmunk comes with is its no-support for multi-city search. Meanwhile some people on the Hipmunk blog have criticized that Hipmunk’s international flight search is quite weak.

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