Is Glenn Beck Rally Going to be Successful?

Glenn Beck RallyRestoring Honor Rally aka Glenn Back Rally is going to take place today. But even after so much promotion it is still not clear how many people will be there.

The date chosen for the event coincides with the Anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s I Have a Dream speech and if to consider the speaker’s enthusiasm, they probably hope to reach at least a small percent of the impact that King’s event had.

However, some people say that the event will not honor MLK’s name. Even if Beck keeps saying that this is not a political gathering, the speakers tend to contradict his words.

There will be present the former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, SOWF, Glenn Beck, Dr. Alveda King and Marcus Luttrell, many of them known for their conservative constitutional views.

A major role of the Glen Beck’s Rally will also be to promote the Special Operations Warrior Foundation that helps the children and family members of soldiers who passed away or are injured.

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