Is Katie Price planning to open her own boutique London hotel?

If  OTT glamour and more than a hint of tack are what you look for in a hotel, then you could be in luck as rumours circulate about a new celebrity stopover to open in London.

Glamour girl and unlikely business mogul Katie Price is apparently planning to open her very own boutique hotel in the capital so she has somewhere to stay when commuting in for functions from her Brighton home.

And with her overt fashion taste and reams of Z-list pals, the hotel and its customers could well be a head-turner.

A friend of the star has reportedly said that Price would like wherever she stays in London to be a home-from-home where she can feel comfortable.

In true Katie Price style, it was this desire for her own space and a bit of privacy that led her to think about opening her own hotel to the public.

The friend said: “You can just imagine what the rooms will look like.

“It will be top-to-toe in pink with fluffy carpets and pink flowery drapes. It will be like the Playboy mansion on crack. You could have breakfast in the Botox Lounge, or supper in the Spraytan Room. And you’d better bring a pink tutu for karaoke in the bar.”

With an offering like that, the nation’s wannabe Jordans will no doubt be out in force, along with every other ‘celebrity’ hoping to keep their star shining for just 15 more minutes.

“Michelle Heaton, Danielle Lloyd and her hairdresser pals Gary Cockerill and Phil Turner will practically move in with any other Z-lister who wants to be seen,” predicted the friend.

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