John Cusack Will Play Edgar Poe in “The Raven”

John CusackJohn Cusack announced he is taking the role of 19th century novelist Edgar Allan Poe in the upcoming fictional thriller “The Raven”.

“The Raven” will portray a fictional account of Poe during the last five days of his life, where he teams up with a detective to track down a serial killer in 1849 Baltimore.

The actor will portray Edgar Allan Poe in “The Raven,” a fictional thriller set during the last five days of the author’s life.

The project will be directed by James McTeigue (Ninja Assassin, V For Vendetta and others). Shooting begins October 25, with Budapest and Serbia standing in for 1849 Baltimore.

Several actors have been attached to the project over the years, including Joaquin Phoenix, Ewan McGregor and Jeremy Renner. Cusack last starred in “Hot Tub Time Machine.”

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