Kat Stacks Reveals How She Became a Stripper

Kat StacksSuper groupie Andrea Herrera aka Kat Stacks decided to finally speak to “fans” to let them a story of how she became a stripper.

In an interview with Kandy Burris i n her UStream show “Kandi Koated Nights,” Kat Stacks reveals that she started stripping when she was 14-years old and that her attack on her rapper clientele started as a drunken tirade.

“I actually didn’t plan on blasting people,” Kat Stacks said. “It actually happened because I was drunk and mad because they cut me off, so I decided to put them on blast.”

When she was asked how she was introduced to the rappers, Kat Stacks said: “I was working in a strip club since I was 14, so I met a lot of them that way and it went from there.”

Kat also talked about her upcoming book and states contrary to popular belief, it will not be a dirt dishing memoir.

The book is about Kat’s life and the things that she went through and has been going through since 14, according to her words.

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