Kate Moss Wants to Buy an Island

After falling in love with Italy, supermodel Kate Moss is seriously househunting on the island of Stromboli and has already tried to buy a plot of land to build a house.

Kate, who has a seven-year-old daughter named Lila Grace from her relationship with publisher Jefferson Hack, recently said: “I am keen on one plot of land and have offered the fisherman owner a hefty sum. When I want something, I won’t give up.”

Stromboli, which already has 850 serious residents, also has a live volcano which last erupted in 2002, generating two landslides and tsunami waves.

In 1930 when there was the hardest eruption, lava from the volcano has destroyed a few houses and killed several people.

Kate should be careful of the potential damage as she has never experienced a good luck with homes.

Three months ago her estate which she shared with her boyfriend Jamie Hince was burglarized and  paintings worth over $120,000 in total were stolen. Days later the house was flooded with sewage.

Last year Kate was driven crazy when doves kept flying through her windows. And when she and her boyfriend were off to Ibiza, her house had to be fumigated after the property was plagued by fleas from her two Persian cats.

Previously she had to replace plush carpets which by her words “were giving sore to Jamie’s feet”. Kate and Jamie were so worried so they even hired a professional exorcist to cleanse their house of bad energy.

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