Katja Puschnik – Puppies Killer

Katja Puschnik

The earlier days of human history considered dogs as their best friends and did all that they could to keep the innocent animals happy. But at present, the world seems to be filled with nutcases, who are doing exactly the opposite of what should be done.

Yesterday a video started to circulate over the internet in which an incredibly cruel girl throws some puppies into the river. The puppies, which are barely 1 month old, are kept in a bucket before throwing and there is no way that the puppies are strong enough to survive.

People got intensely mad and angry after watching the video and some even wanted to hurt this girl for doing such an inhumane thing.

Not much information has been uncovered, but according to people witnesses, apparently the girl’s name is Katja Puschnik and she is Croatian (because she was speaking Croatian in the video).

However, the person making the video is not yet known though.

Katja PuschinkKatja Puschnik has a Facebook account and her face is quite clear in her profile picture. She is around 5 feet 6 to 8 inches tall and blonde, wearing a red sweater.

There is still no information however, about what drove the girl to do this cruel act that has angered billions of people in the world, or what reason was behind this act. For now people are just wondering what the possible reasons could be.

Some people have written in some forums that the puppies might have had a deadly disease.

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