Katy Perry Has Found Her “life partner”

katy perry has found her life partnerKaty Perry reveals she feels she has finally found a “life partner” in her fiancé Russell Brand.

According to Katy’s words, when she met the British funnyman recording a cameo for his movie “Get Him To The Greek”, she understood as soon as they met they would be together forever.

“You know when you know, and I just knew. He stopped my world. I am wildly attracted to him. I do feel a little bit like Elvis Presley’s wife Priscilla. It’s been so lovely. ” – she added.

Katy regards Russell as someone she can count on, a soul mate.

Now Perry and Brand are incredibly happy together. Earlier this week happy couple set aside an hour each day to talk with relationship advisor in order to keep their relationship on track.

Now they are both striving to make their relationship “rock solid”.

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