Katy Perry Prefers Her Career to Kids

Katy Perry Prefers Career to KidsKaty Perry reveals that she is too busy to have children now.

25-year-old star, who is engaged to Russell Brand, admits she would love to start a family with the British comic but is currently too focused on her career.

She said: “I see myself as a professional right now and hopefully when I decide it’s time for children, I’ll be able to devote myself to that.”

The beauty also added she fell for the 35-year-old star because of his “eye for detail” and sense of humor.

“His eye for detail was so impeccable, he made me realize he was listening and understanding me completely and wanted to jump into my world.” – explains she.

Katy – who got engaged in December – is constantly thinking about her impending nuptials, but refuses to give away any information.

The 25-year-old star said: “I am always planning and planning and planning. I hope that it will be this year but that’s the extent I will share.”

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