Kidman Grows Vegetables

Kidman Grows Vegetables  Nicole Kidman started to grow her own vegetables.

The actress, who lives with her husband Keith Urban and their 2-year-old daughter Sunday Rose in Nashville, Tennessee, said she enjoys to spend a few hours a day in her garden and thinks it is very healthy to feed the family home-grown organic products.

One of Kidman’s friends told the National Enquirer magazine that the celebrity likes to feed her daughter only fresh organic products and she doesn’t mind get her hands dirty to make sure that lettuce and corn come out perfectly.

Also Nicole has fulfilled a life-long ambition by raising alpacas along with other vegetables in her garden.

She explained: “We just planted our vegetables for the summer. I’m hoping the corn will be beautiful, because I love eating corn out of the garden.

“And we just bought some alpacas. They are sort of the cousins of llamas, which I’ve always wanted because of their long necks and eyelashes.”

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