Kim Kardashian: I Don’t Like Dating!

Kim Kardashian: I Don’t Like DatingKim Kardashian claims that she hates dating. The star of the “Keeping Up with Kardashians”,  who used to have a longtime relationship with New Orleans running back Reggie Bush, says that she doesn’t like to meet new people.

Kim said that she doesn’t like dating while talking to People magazine at the premiere of season 5 of her family’s show.

“The hard part is trying to determine if the person is genuine – if they want to be with you for you”, she added.

“And the worst sign, is if they pick a super trendy restaurant quickly after being asked where they want to go eat.” – the celebrity says.

fat burning furnace

The 29-year-old reality star also revealed that she has gotten more confident after losing some weight lately, but she is happy that the shape of her body hasn’t changed because of the lost pounds, as Kim enjoys to be curved. According to her words, now she feels more confident in herself.

Kim also admitted that she is preparing to have surgery for her breasts.

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