Kyle Massey – New Celebrity of “Dancing With the Stars”

Kyle MasseyThe new celebrity dancers at Dancing With The Stars have been revealed and the list is a hugely amazing one because there are a lot of unexpected entries in the lot.

David Hasselhoff and Mike “The Situation” were already rumored but the comedian Margaret Cho was not expected to be joining the dancing cast of the show and her entry really proved to be a pleasant surprise.

Among the talented people there is also a very cute and cool little celebrity – Kyle Massey.

The young rapper deserved to be on the show because of his great rapping talent and great recognition, but it isn’t known yet if he could dance. He has been seen in videos moving along with the music and even doing some pretty slick moves every now and then, but a complete dancing performance hasn’t yet been seen from him and that is what really makes a big deal.

Massey, 19, starred in the Disney sitcom’s “That’s So Raven” and its spin-off “Cory in the House”, where he starred as Cory, Raven Baxter’s stubborn younger brother who is constantly at odds with her. Massey has appeared in the “Disney Channel Holiday” soundtrack and the “Shaggy Dog” soundtrack where he performed “Who Let The Dog Out”.

He also sang the theme song for “Cory in the House”. Massey also raps a song called “It’s a Dog” on the “Life is Ruff” soundtrack. He also sang the theme song for “Yin Yang Yo!”. He also appeared in the PBS kids show “The Electric Company”.

The rapper needs a lot of practice and training before he is able to score big on the show because looking at his physical state doesn’t really a lot either. He needs a little dance practices, however, his dancing already seems to be built-in.

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