Lindsay “helps” Parents to Reunite

lindsay helps parents to reuniteLindsay’s parents are going to meet the first time after falling apart. Michael and Dina haven’t seen each other for 15 years.

The parents have agreed at least on one thing – to help their troubled child to recover. The Lohans, who finalized their divorce in 2007, decided to put their differences behind them for the sake of their daughter Lindsay, who is spending time in rehabilitation center as a part of her sentence.

Dina Lohan, who has also other three children with Michael, said she is willing to meet with her ex-husband to discuss their situation with Lindsay.

Michael, from his side, promises to make a huge and positive difference in their daughter’s life. But meanwhile has reversed his opinion about the actress’ expected early release from rehab because he doesn’t believe that UCLA Medical Center, where Lindsay is now spending her time, can adequately treat her.

Before Michael insisted his daughter is addicted to prescription drugs.

But now he agrees with Lindsay’s lawyer, Shawn Holley, doctors and even ex-wife Dina, that his elder daughter should be released from UCLA’s drug program. The celebrity’s father is sure that UCLA’s program does not offer the treatments Lindsay needs.

However, Lindsay is staying at the rehab for 30 days more.

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