Madame Curie Coming Back

Madame Curie Coming Back“Madame Curie” – movie, released in 1943 – got a huge attention of scientists and since-loving audience at that time.

Now the picture is coming into view again on the TCM channel. But “Madam Curie” is not a “science/fiction” movie, it is particularly a science movie.

Madame Curie is known for her extensive work in the field of radioactive elements. The movie shows the work of the outstanding scientist & her life with husband Dr. Pierre Curie.

Science-lovers will learn a lot from the new picture as it is a huge source of information. It presents a lot about the origins of the discovery of radioactivity and is the source of interest and intrigue for those who are acquainted with the original story of the brilliant scientists.

Before Madame Curie’s achievements in the field of radioactivity, Professor Becquerel was the one who noticed a rather unique behavior of radioactive elements Uranium and Thorium. On that speculation Dr. Curie and Madame Curie started their own experiments to find out if there were other radioactive elements than Uranium and Thorium.

The movie shows the makeshift lab that the married couple used to do their experiments and the eventual death of Dr. Curie in a car accident.

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