Man Files Lawsuit Claiming to Own Facebook

FacebookA man from New York suing over claims that he owns 84% of Facebook Inc has a copy of $3,000 cashier’s check as  proof, which may support his claim against the popular social network.

The check is made out to the CEO of the company, Mark Zuckerberg, and dated three days before Paul Ceglia claims the two men signed a contract in 2003. According to Ceglia, that agreement empowers him to control one of the biggest social networks in the world.

Ceglia received a copy of the check last week, as was reported by his attorney. The check is the first evidence to be made public that Ceglia had contractual relationship with Zuckerberg.

Now the case is pending in federal court in Buffalo, New York.

Ceglia also claims allegedly he has signed a “work for hire” contract with Zuckerberg in 2003, but the current CEO of the Facebook Inc was an 18-year-old student of Harward University at that time.

He adds the agreement included work for Zuckerberg, which included implementation of computer programming. Meanwhile, Ceglia, 37, has provided a $1,000 investment into the project called “The Face Book”. And the check, made out to Zuckerberg, is dated April 25, 2003.

Zuckerberg attorneys confirmed that he really worked for Ceglia once, but completely deny that he signed the contract being in business relationship with him.

Ceglia keeps insisting that he and Zuckerberg signed the contract in hotel in Boston.

The parties are scheduled to be back in federal court in Buffalo on October 13.

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