Man Smuggling Falcons’ Eggs Put into Jail

Man Smuggling Falcons’ Eggs Put into Jail

A businessman from Britain was jailed today for smuggling the eggs of a rare species of falcon to Dubai.

Jeffrey Lendrum, 48, was jailed for 30 months. He was caught up with 14 eggs at Birmingham International Airport on May 3. The cleaner spotted him acting suspiciously, when he was dashing in and out of the shower.

By the words of cleaner, she went to investigate the shower and after discovering it had not been used, she called in counter-terrorist officers, fearing the defendant had a more sinister purpose.

After, eggs were found strapped to man’s body. Lendrum was trying to smuggle eggs, worth over $ 108 000.

The eggs were stolen from a nest in South Wales and supposedly were destined for falconries in Dubai, where breeders would pay thousands of dollars on the black market.

Lendrum had previous convictions in Canada and Zimbabwe for stealing rare eggs.

The court heard there were only 1,400 breeding pairs of Peregrine falcons in the UK and the birds were regarded as one of the most endangered species.

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