McCain on Twitter: Quantity but Not Quality!

McCain on Twitter: Quantity but Not QualityJohn McCain has a huge number of followers on social media sites. But it doesn’t really parallel with the quality of the interaction.

George Washington and New York universities have conducted a survey which looked into the ‘Digital IQs’ of U.S. senators, according to Newsweek report.

The study included senators’ presence on sites such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter also the traffic on their own websites was counted. The survey showed some interesting results – like for example, Republican senators have a greater following than Democrat senators on a similar standing.

However the article points out that quantity does not always equate with quality and looks at the social media presence of John McCain as an example. McCain has a greater Twitter and Facebook audience than any other politician not in the White House. Because of the enormous amount of Twitter followers he has, some have called McCain a “Twitter Genius.”

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It goes on to suggest a few politicians whose online presence is more engaging, even though they might not have such a big following. These include Newt Gingrich, Claire McCaskill and Sarah Palin, although the latter’s use of language on Twitter recently gained her some criticism.

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