Meet New iPod Nano!

iPod NanoApple’s Nano, a product line that came into existence as a replacement to the iPod Mini has since its introduction in 2005 underwent some really big changes. Currently in its sixth iteration, the Nano might just have undergone its most dramatic transition so far.

That s because Apple has just announced the all new iPod Nano at the 2010 Fall Event. The new Nano gets a 3.3 inch touch screen display, it’s more boxy now  albeit with a much larger display area. Those who loved the longishness of the previous generation Nano along with its camera, well, it’s time to move on.

With Apple’s products shrinking in size with each product refresh, why should the Nano be an exception? The New Nano is a whopping 46% tinier than the (already) tiny fifth generation Nano. The weight too has seen a drastic reduction. If it was featherweight earlier, it’s literally weightless now.

The touch-screen now takes up most of the front fascia. There are volume buttons on the side and a clip on at the rear the only hardware buttons on the device. Apple claims that the Nano can play music continuously for 24 hours till it runs out of steam. There would be two variants of the Nano in 8 and 16GB capacities both of which would be available in various color options. FM radio fans don’t need to worry as the feature hasn’t been given a miss.

In the US, the Nano 8GB will set you back by $149 while the 16GB version  would sell for $179.

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