Nicole John Was a Wild Child

Nicole JohnAccording to Nicole John’s Blog, she has been living the life of a wild child and her life was full of partying, drinking, pills and drugs.

The US ambassador to Thailand, Eric John’s teenage daughter Nichole John died yesterday, on Friday. She died being drunk.

Nichole John’s blog “Facebook” records last message by the deceased at early hours of Friday at about 02:40am, after she lost the track of rounds stating “All a blur now”.

Before she revealed the loneliness of her inner self and faced a lot of troubles in the last three months of her life.

Nichole John had the face of an angel, but her life was obsessed with alcohol, partying, pills and drugs, until she passed out.

Nichole John father’s wealth became the coffin for her. The 5ft 8inch beauty took limousines to night clubs and wander aimlessly in search of pleasure on exotic beaches.

Nicole John blog revealed her passion for alcohol, the alcohol that became one of the reasons of her demise.

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