Palin and Obama Have Agreed on One Thing

Palin and ObamaSarah Palin and the president Obama have agreed on the need to honor and support the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, according to Obama’s radio address Saturday and Palin’s speech at Glenn Beck’s ‘Restoring Honor’ rally.

Also they agreed on the need to support the troops as well as take care of them and their families when they return home.

At Fox News broadcaster Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” rally in Washington Saturday, Palin said: “If you look for the virtues that have sustained our country you will find it in those who wear the uniform.”

In his weekly radio address Saturday, the President claimed: “Our nation’s commitment to all who wear its uniform is a sacred trust that is as old as our republic … a moral obligation to uphold.”

For all the bad will between Republicans and Democrats these days – Obama and Palin included, as well as media personalities like Beck on the right and Keith Olbermann on the left – there has been little to divide them on how American war veterans should be treated.

One can argue over whether US “honor” needs to be “restored,” as the theme of the Glenn Beck rally put it. It’s a fuzzy and ultimately political assertion. But on one of the rally’s major themes – honoring and supporting US military personnel and their families – Sarah Palin and Barack Obama can certainly agree.

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