Piranha at Lake Havasu

Pirahna 3DThe new movie “Piranha 3D” has caused some worries on Lake Havasu.

The city’s publicist Jeff Blumfled contacted the La Times to express his worries that tourism may decline because people think there are piranhas on the lake and are afraid to go there.

“We’re gritting our teeth — we’re just hoping that the reaction is a good one for the city,” he said.

“One woman was bringing up to me that the movie was coming out, and she asked – as serious as serious can be – ‘Oh, but are there still piranha in the lake?’ ” said Cal Sheehy, general manager of the London Bridge Resort at Lake Havasu “At first, I kind of took it as a joke. But then I let her know that that’s the computer-generated part of the movie. And she was very relieved, saying, ‘Oh, I’m so glad to hear that.’ ”

fat burning furnace

Now it turns out that Lake Havasu has not piranhas in it, but as it appears, the city has just taken the opportunity to bring more attention to the spot.

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