Poland’s New President is Gathering Army

Today Poland’s new president formally took control of the nation’s military and revealed the plaque to victims of the April plane crash, where the ex-president and 90 others died.

Bronislaw Komorowski, new leader of the country, assumed command of the armed forces on Army Day, on the August, 15th,  a holiday of commemoration of the stunning Polish victory against Russian Bolsheviks in 1920.

The ceremony took place in Warsaw, at central Pilsudski Square, where the president knelt at a military banner and kissed it. The event proceeded with parade, playing of trumpets  and firing of cannons.

Komorowski has become the official successor to Lech Kaczynski more than a week ago and now he is the fourth democratically elected head of state since Poland threw off communism.

Today Komorowski also unveiled one more plaque at the Field Cathedral of the Polish Army to the plane crash victims, who included some of the country’s top military officers.

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