Rand Paul Hoax

rand paul hoax

It turns out that the GQ magazine story that inferred Rand Paul kidnapped a woman and forced her to take bong hits is nothing more than another Rand Paul hoax.

The woman, who remained anonymous, says she was NOT forced by Rand Paul to take drugs but other parts of her story were true. She also admitted that she was not kidnapped, nor forced to do anything illegal.

Rand Paul, who represents the tea party that is not left or right, but rather libertarian and wants the status quo changed in Washington, has been attacked by the establishment on both sides of the political spectrum considerably in the past months, saying that he was against the civil rights act when he has openly said he is not.

Getting back to the GQ story, the anonymous girl said:

“I went along because they were my friends. There was an implicit degree of cooperation in the whole thing. I felt like I was being hazed”, she said.

Rand Paul has publicly stated that the story was false and there wasn’t much else to say about it.

It seems that the Rand Paul hoax has been blown out of proportion by our media in the USA, and they ran with a story perhaps a bit prematurely. The anonymous woman has been backing off her story since she originally came out with it and now the entire thing has become very suspicious.

Since the Rand Paul hoax occurred, his campaign organization has been answering questions for days on the subject. There have been other Rand Paul hoaxes, such as the fact he never graduated from College, that he didn’t have a proper doctor’s license, and others that have eventually turned out to be false.