Rand Paul Would Hurt Farmers, Democrats Say

Rand PaulSteve Beshear, Kentucky Democratic Gov., aggressively criticized Republican U.S. Senate nominee Rand Paul on Thursday, telling a farm group of about 1,600 that Paul’s agricultural policies would hurt them.

Beshear didn’t mention Paul by name but said that Kentuckians are hearing “a lot of loose political talk” about the need to eliminate federal programs that provide a safety net for farmers, such as farm subsidies and efforts to “shutter the doors” of the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

The Democratic governor also told he was talking about this basing on Paul’s comments.

“Anybody who takes that attitude toward farming doesn’t know much about farming,” Beshear added after the 47th annual Kentucky Country Ham Breakfast.

Paul had left the breakfast and was not immediately available to comment on Beshear’s remarks, but he had said earlier that Democrats are misrepresenting his views.

Paul has said federal farm subsidies are generally not a good idea and that government should have tighter controls on them to get rid of waste. He also has said he is not for the elimination of the Agriculture Department but that some of its programs are wasteful.

The Kentucky Democratic Party distributed to people at the breakfast a mock check worth “$0.00” dated “11/3/10,” a day after the Nov. 2 general election.

It was intended to Kentucky Farmers, and signed by “Rand Paul.” In its memo line was written, “Don’t spend it all in one place! Rand.”

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