Robbie Williams invites his mother-in-law to move in

Robbie Williams has invited his mother-in-law to move in with him.

British singer married his long-term love Ayda Field last Saturday. And to help her mother Gwen with her mortgage payments he invited her to live with them.

Gwen will live in Robbie’s $12M estate in Los Angeles, CA. Recently she made public the fact that “she has been struggling with repayments on her home over recent months.”

She’s remortgaged the property a number of times and now owns more than the value of the house- something many Americans can appreciate right now.

Williams, being kind-hearted, stepped in to help and is going to allow her living with them as long as she wants.

Robbie confesses he could not face seeing her struggle any longer, so he invited her to move in.

Rob moved back to Los Angeles from Britain because he missed the sunny weather and now gets along well with Gwen after they bonded over their love of gambling.

One of his hobbies is playing poker with small group of friends. Gwen has joined them a few times and after Robbie and her have carried on playing until the wee hours of the night after everyone else went to bed.

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