Saracens Rugby Club to play Goalball

Saracens Rugby Club has agreed to play members of the GB Goalball Squad to help raise awareness of the sport. The goalball “taster” day will also mark the launch of their new London training hub at the facilities belonging to the national spinal injuries charity, Aspire, next Wednesday February 24th.

The GB Ladies’ Goalball Squad are the current European Champions, having taken gold at Munich last summer, and are hopefuls for 2012 with players aged from as young as 15 to 25.

Goalball Performance Director, Tabo Huntley said: “We hope that the Saracens players will enjoy the challenge of playing ‘blind’. At national level, this is the only sport in which fully and partially-sighted or blind people can take part on a level playing-field.

“Since the Ladies squad took the gold in Munich last year, Goalball is starting to take off in the UK, and we hope to receive more funding and grow as a sport in the run-up to 2012. We are very grateful to Aspire for agreeing to lend us their facility for training our London-based players, up to now all their training has been centred in Bedford.”

The taster day is one of several community projects supported by Saracens Chairman Nigel Wray, and will take place at Aspire’s national training centre in Stanmore, Middlesex.

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