Sarah Palin – Feminist?

sarah palin - feminist

The fact that Sarah Palin, the former Alaska GOP Gov., wants to call herself a feminist is really astounding. She is quite conservative, but, however, there have been plenty of conservative and eccentric feminists in history.

The term has been so “proud” for so long that it became a political asset and something women used to have to pretend not to be so they didn’t upset any voters.

During Sarah’s pro-life, she has outraged many pro-choice women, or those who disagree with her in political issues.

When Palin called feminist critics of Emily List a “cackle of rads”, her phrasing was instantly leapt upon as evidence of her ignorance. It should be mentioned, Emily List has been running a campaign called “Sarah Doesn’t Speak for Me”.

fat burning furnace

Even if feminists are just those who seek a better life for all women. Palin clearly delights in needling leftist women—but her intent is serious: she wants female votes.

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