Sarah Palin’s Big Secret

sarah palinAccording to Alex Jones, syndicated radio broadcast host, Sarah Palin, the controversial former governor of Alaska, has a big secret:

She’s doesn’t really represent the Tea Party.

Instead, according to Jones, she is a “Neo Con” who is trying to “co opt” the Tea Party movement back into the matrix which he calls the “left/right paradigm” that essentially sets the parameters for debate in the USA and prevents any positive change from occurring and instead to just deliver more of the same.

“Look at George Bush’s record” says Jones. “He tripled the size of Government during his 8 years and was supposedly conservative.” Jones claims that Sarah Palin is trying to co opt the Tea Party movement back to the Republican party so they can continue to control the country and not allow the Tea Party to get what they really want, which is their leaders to respect the constitution and bill of rights.

Jones added: “Sarah Palin supports the war  and more wars in Iran and beyond. This is precisely the globalist agenda, not the true Tea Party agenda.”

Indeed, when you look at the ideals of the Tea Party, it is for more respect to the constitution and bill of rights, which they argue the wars, endless spending, and patriot act are in direct violation of.

“Sarah Palin is trying to co opt the Tea Party, she cannot be trusted.” said Jones.

The concept of “co opting” a movement is nothing new in Politics. Every good politician can notice a movement and try to leverage it for their needs and political aspirations. The question is, is Alex Jones right?

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