Scandal: Reggie Bush Loses the Trophy?

Raggie BushIt seems that Reggie Bush’s days as a Heisman winner are definitely numbered.

Now he is about to lose the trophy. The former USC player is about to be stripped of his title by the Heisman Trust.

Details around the Reggie Bush scandal are not incredibly descriptive, but here is what you need to know so far.

The Heisman Trust conducted an investigation and determined that Reggie Bush, the New Orleans Saints Star, was acting against NCAA standards for holding the trophy title.

Apparently the running back received gifts and benefits while playing at USC, which is in violation of the rules of the NCAA. This is sure to be a huge embarrassment for Reggie and will no doubt affect his football career going forward.

He is definitely the first player in history to ever have the award taken away.

So far, the trophy is not set to be passed on to anyone else this year.

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